Upon situations of contingency or disasters, our system structure and services continues to operate through our Business Continuity Platform.


• Ensure business continuity of our company,  keeping optimal level of information and coordination with our clients during a contingency, not only on each one of their operations but also regarding external factors which could influence their value chain.




Operational Continuity Key Factor.

• Our services are essentially document management, coordination, and information traceability.

• Key factor: controlled flow of information and documents, managed by people and systems.


Key Pillars of Continuity

• Highly automated  standardized processes flows.

• Highly trained personnel in such  processes.

• Powerful self-developed computer systems that support automated operation, as well as its visibility and traceability.

• Redundant platform hosted in high security data centers.


Main Features of Our Process Continuity

• The information and traceability of each operation is in the system, redundant, managed and  backed up .It is NOT  on paper ,neither the head of an employee, nor in  PC disks.

• The relevant documents for each operation of each customer are scanned into the system and are available online.

• The system operates from external high level of security Data Center , and redundant contingency site.

• Anyone missing in the operation can be easily replaced by his back up of similar profile at any time.

• Systems are accessible through any Internet connection, including low-speed mobile access via broadband.

• Continuity Business Site (alternative offices)prepared to operate from such facility in case of disaster in our main or branch offices.


Ubiquity / Operating Adaptability upon Adverse Conditions

• Proven capacity to mount a  contingency office anywhere , even outdoors using our "contingency kits" that allow us to operate wirelessly and remotely using any Internet signal pathway.

• Additional redundant remote database copy, with data update every 15 minutes.

• High availability HyperV virtualized cluster servers redundant dark fiber communication lines

7x24 critical platform support, among other IT security elements.

• Organizational Chart accessible via WEB, constantly updated, with clear procedures to replace missing staff.

• Trained and well known replacement Leaders take over the operation upon absence of the normal staff , as indicated in Organizational Chart available online.

• Emergency Voice Communication:

    • MPLS network provides voice  / IP data communication for all our offices.

    • All our key  staff have corporate mobile phones.

    • We also have a set of 50 Nextel cellular radio communicators' to be used in contingency situations in case the cellular network is collapsed.


Successful Case of Operational Continuity

• We were one of the few companies in Chile that continued operating  after the great earthquake of February 2010 in Santiago and in all ports, including Talcahuano, even though the city was completely devastated. Our plan was totally effective. We even helped some of our customers that were unable to operate ,hosting them in our facilities.

Annual Audit Plan

• The plan is audited annually by the corporate security area  of one of our major customers,in  which  year after year we have been qualified with a very high rate.


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